Nursing Point System

What Is a Nursing Point System?

A nursing point system, commonly referred to as a nursing point application system, is a selective admissions method in which nursing program applicants are ranked based on their combined scores from pre-determined factors.

Before the nursing point system is used to rank each applicant, prospective nursing students must first satisfy all educational institutions’ preliminary admission criteria.

Why Is the Nursing Point System Put in Place?

The nursing point system is a means to maintain the integrity of the respective nursing program. The nursing point system is necessary because schools preparing nursing students to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) must have 80% of its graduates pass the exam the first time. If below 80% of the schools’ graduates do not get a passing grade, then the State Board Examiners for Nursing (SBEN) can put the program on probation, which puts the nursing program at risk of closing altogether.

What Is Goodwin’s Nursing Point System?

Goodwin University has two nursing point systems — one for the associate degree in Nursing (ADN) program and another for the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

The ADN point system has a maximum of 25 points each applicant can earn, while the ABSN program has 21 points.

For each nursing point system, the process is categorized into four fields:

  1. Previous college education - Applicants for the ADN and ABSN program can earn a maximum of four points for this section. Any college-level, credit-bearing courses taken at another school with a completion grade of a "C" or better are included for consideration.
  2. Completion of courses at Goodwin University - Applicants of the ADN program can earn a maximum of seven points for this section. In comparison, applicants of the ABSN program can earn a maximum of three points.
  3. Cumulative GPA - This cumulative GPA counts for Goodwin courses only with a 12-credit minimum. Applicants for both the ADN and ABSN program can earn a maximum of four points in this section.
  4. Composite score on the pre-admission test - ADN and ABSN applicants can earn up to ten points in this section of the nursing point system. Applicants can only take the pre-entrance exam one time per semester for a total of six attempts.

What Is the Minimum Admittance Score for Goodwin’s Nursing Programs?

There is no minimum admittance score for Goodwin’s nursing programs. The admitting score changes from semester to semester because it is solely dependent on the applicant pool. Faculty reviewing applications start with those who score the highest on the nursing point system and work their way down until the allotted number of students are selected into the nursing program’s next cohort.

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