Intensive Courses

Intensive courses, also known as time-compressed courses, accelerated courses, or sometimes called summer terms, are intense individual courses of study that require maximum progress of learning in minimal time.

What is the timeframe to complete an intensive course?

Intensive course lessons require several hours of learning per class session instead of a couple of hours in the classroom one to three times a week.

A typical semester is 16 weeks in duration, and intensive courses are generally three to six weeks long.

Intensive courses are ideal for:

  • Students with inflexible work schedules, family responsibilities, and other commitments
  • Students who want to make up, or earn extra credits towards graduation
  • Pre-requisite classes or introductory courses
  • Those wishing to take a special topics course, or take a class do-over
  • Unusual electives that allow for travel to maximize the college experience
  • Double majors or determined students ready to study

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