Dual Degrees

What is a dual degree?

A dual degree means you complete two distinct degrees in succession. While the two degrees typically carry separate credentials, they may complement each other based on your career goals. To successfully complete a dual degree, the second degree must be more advanced than (or equivalent to) the first.

What is the difference between a double major and a dual degree?

If you complete a double major, you will earn a single degree that encompasses two areas of study. Double majors are often completed simultaneously and do not necessarily require additional time in school.

In contrast, a dual degree is two separate degrees that are completed one after the other. While this means that you will spend a longer time in school, you will graduate with higher-level qualifications.

Why earn a dual degree?

Completing a dual degree streamlines your education, saving you time and money. Earning a dual degree can also provide you with specialized skills and knowledge in your field. This will open the door to a greater variety of professional opportunities.

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