Liberal Arts

What are liberal arts?

If you are not seeking a technical education, you may consider studying liberal arts. “Liberal arts” is a broad term that encompasses subjects ranging from philosophy to social sciences. Liberal arts programs differ from technical programs. Rather than helping you build skills that are specific to a career, liberal arts programs encourage you to broaden your horizons and think critically about the world around you.

What is a liberal arts college?

Some educational institutes are referred to as liberal arts colleges and universities. These schools take a multidisciplinary approach to educating students. Liberal arts colleges emphasize intellectual growth and encourage students to become critical thinkers. If you attend a liberal arts college, you will be expected to gain knowledge across a variety of subject areas.

What are the benefits of studying liberal arts?

Studying liberal arts will provide you with a universally applicable skillset . You will graduate with effective communication skills, advanced problem-solving abilities, and increased social awareness.

Liberal arts at Goodwin University

At Goodwin University, we believe that your education should develop your interpersonal skills while also giving you relevant career experiences. While earning a career-focused degree at Goodwin University, you'll develop critical soft skills such as communication, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, and collaboration while taking courses in mathematics, humanities, and the natural and social sciences. These types of interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly important in a successful career.

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