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We’ve reimagined what college can be.

We’ve spent the years since our founding breaking as many traditions as we can in order to benefit our students. We haven’t made college any less challenging, but along the way we’ve removed obstacles to success – because we believe higher education should be accessible, flexible, affordable, career-focused, and supportive.

Our master's degree programs offer flexible schedules.

Graduate Students

At Goodwin College, we don't believe in always following the road well-travelled. We believe in bravely forging ahead in new directions to better serve our students. Now, we've taken two programs to the next level, and now you can earn your master’s degree at Goodwin College! Life isn't limited to the classroom, so why should your education be?

international programs at Goodwin College

International Students

We believe in the value of an internationally diverse student population and the cultural perspectives from around the world that enrich our classrooms and community. As a career-focused educational institution, we've designed our international programs around concepts that transcend borders and cultural barriers.

flexible class schedules

Flexible Class Schedules

Attending a college that has classes when you need them is extremely important.
At Goodwin, you’ll find class times that fit into your schedule and cater to your needs. Unlike many other colleges, at Goodwin, we’re all about convenience.

degree programs

Degree Programs

You want a career-focused degree to help you land that great job you've always wanted.
We only offer collegiate degree programs that are relevant and result in great careers after graduation. We only offer degrees that meet the workforce needs; degrees where you will have the opportunity to flourish.

There are many financial aid opportunities for Goodwin College students.

Financial Aid

You deserve an education that is affordable, where financial aid options are at the ready.
Getting a great education means a financial investment — and money doesn't grow on trees. Luckily, at Goodwin, you can pursue your degree regardless of your financial resources.

support services

The Support You Deserve

Colleges should have wrap-around support services for students and faculty members that go the extra mile.
Whether you need a little extra help on that paper, want to sit down with an academic advisor to discuss your classes, or set-up a meeting to talk further about an assignment with your faculty member – we’ve got you.

We're Ready When You Are