Asynchronous Classes

What are asynchronous classes?

In online learning, there are two types of class structures; synchronous and asynchronous. Asynchronous classes allow students to view and learn the subject matter at their own pace. The instructor provides access to the material, and each student has the freedom to decide how much time they need to focus on each lesson.

Why are asynchronous classes necessary?

Learning at your own comfortable pace can remove some of the stress that may come with online learning. Though deadlines still apply to asynchronous classes, students may find the open format of the classes easier to navigate in their everyday lives.

What programs use asynchronous classes in their curriculum?

Asynchronous classes can apply to any online program. At Goodwin University, many of our programs are offered fully online, using both asynchronous and synchronous classes. Our master’s degree in Education is an online program, and while most sessions are synchronous classes, the asynchronous sessions are used to provide an open expression of learning and understanding between the professor and students.

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