Job Placement Rate

What is a job placement rate?

A job placement rate is the measurement of graduates employed in the careers for which they were trained.

A job placement rate is generally calculated by the number of graduates employed in their field, divided by the total number of graduates from a particular institution.

Who measures job placement rates?

Federal, state, and accredited educational institutions measure job placement rates. Yet, each group has its own set of requirements, data calculations, and definitions of employment metrics.

For instance, most institutions collect data on graduates through surveys. However, the time frame of graduates may vary from recent graduates to graduates who have crossed the commencement stage years ago.

Some agencies will also count job placements in related fields, while others only count full-time time positions. Additionally, various agencies will only consider a certain length of employment for their job placement rating — it all depends on the entity.

What questions should I ask agencies about job placement rates?

  • If a job placement rate states that graduates have “placed” since graduating, ask if “placed” refers to students in graduate school, students working, or both.
  • If a job placement rate states that graduates are “employed,” ask if the job placement rate under consideration is for the graduates’ field of study.
  • Ask how many graduates the statistic represents.
  • Ask the educational institution about the career services they provide to students and graduates.

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