Student Engagement

What is student engagement?

Student engagement is when students actively participate and show interest in their learning. It involves being focused, asking questions, and being involved in class activities.

Why is student engagement important?

Student engagement is vital in higher education. It enhances learning, encourages personal growth, and prepares students for success in their future careers.

Actively involved students develop critical thinking skills, persist in their studies, and build strong connections within the academic community.

This engagement contributes to positive educational environments. It also cultivates transferable skills valued by employers, emphasizing its central role in shaping a dynamic and thriving educational experience.

At Goodwin, students can get involved in a myriad of ways. We offer a multitude of resources and opportunities. Students can attend on-campus events, volunteer, and more.

Goodwin University is a safe and welcoming community which fosters growth and learning in higher education. If you’re interested in joining us, then learn more about the various academic programs that we offer!

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