What does CSCU mean?

CSCU stands for Connecticut State Colleges & Universities.

Which schools are included?

CSCU is a system that includes six public colleges and universities in the state of Connecticut.

The system is comprised of Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), several community colleges, and more.

Is Goodwin part of the CSCU system?

No — Goodwin University is a private, nonprofit institute.

How do nonprofit universities differ from public universities?

Nonprofit universities function independently, and are supported by private funding like tuition, donations, and endowments. They place a strong emphasis on their educational mission, as well as their students’ academic success — boasting an expansive array of resources, fostering innovation, and centering their efforts on delivering personalized education. Conversely, public universities rely on government funding, provide reduced tuition for in-state residents, and deliver accessible higher education as part of their public service mandate.

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