Office of the President

Goodwin University president Mark Scheinberg at a Commencement ceremony


Goodwin University is uniquely positioned, through its embrace of technological innovation, its central geographic location, the dynamism of our faculty and students, and our roots as a career-focused college, to live our mission of building bridges between education, commerce, and the community.

We know that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders will be cut from a new cloth. An understanding of the interconnectedness between business and social consciousness will not merely be a touchstone, but a necessity. We seek to instill these values through service learning in all of our programs.

At Goodwin, we provide the opportunity for our students to bridge the economic divide — in addition to long-standing educational achievement gaps. Students move on to better careers and build a better future for themselves and their families. At the same time, we ask them to care for those who are less fortunate.

No individual company, or college, can claim more than its fair share of credit for driving economic renewal. We only hope that some of our bridge-building can help us all reach our shared objective of a bright future for our students and the region in which we live.

Mark Scheinberg signature

Mark E. Scheinberg
Goodwin University President