Common Application

What is the Common Application?

The Common Application, or “the Common App,” is an undergraduate admissions tool that allows you to apply to multiple schools with a single online application. The Common App is registered with over 900 national and international universities and is managed by a nonprofit organization, The Common Application, Inc.

Who can complete the Common Application?

The Common Application is for incoming undergraduates and transfer students. Because postgraduate programs often have unique and specific requirements, you cannot apply to graduate school through the Common App.

When is the Common Application due?

The Common Application does not have a strict due date. Although you are only filling out one application, you are still expected to adhere to each school’s admission deadline. The Common App will inform you of each due date.

Is the Common Application free?

Yes, the Common Application is free to use. However, you may still be subject to each university’s individual application fee.

What are some advantages of using the Common Application?

For users, this service simplifies the admissions process and serves as an organizational tool.

Applying to Goodwin University

Although Goodwin University does not currently accept the Common Application, we are committed to making the admissions process easy and hassle-free. We have multiple start dates a year for our career-focused certification and degree programs. Learn more about becoming a Goodwin student today!

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