Office of the President

Goodwin College President Mark Scheinberg has led Goodwin since its founding in 1999. His passion for linking education with workforce needs has shaped the College’s mission.

Board of Trustees

The Goodwin College Trustees represent a broad range of leadership backgrounds and diverse personal experiences. They are intimately involved in College governance, including strategic planning and development.

Cabinet Membership

The College’s Vice Presidents oversee the operations of the College’s functional areas.

Institutional Advancement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Advancement is to promote the overall growth of the college and enhance the institution's standing in the broader community.

Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) provides leadership and assistance with strategic planning, academic program development, accreditation, assessment, research and decision making support and other continuous improvement processes that contribute to the advancement of student learning and the fulfillment of the College's mission.

Community Leadership Council

Members of the Goodwin College Community Leadership Council serve as advocates of the College’s mission. They assist in building community and regional connections in an effort to support Goodwin’s students, programs, and initiatives.

Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources provides a broad range of services to our employees, who are instrumental in achieving the College’s strategic vision.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department is responsible for upholding certain quality and design standards for the College, and should review and approve any promotional pieces designed for external audiences.