Policy Name Policy Form Responsible Office Last Reviewed
Academic Integrity Policy Form Academic Affairs 2017
Academic Minors Policy   Registrar 2017
Academic Program Closure Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Academic Program Development and Evaluation Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Accreditation Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Adjunct Instructor Assignments for Staff Policy Form Human Resources 2019
Admission of Sex Offenders Policy   Compliance 2017
Award of Experiential Credit Policy   Registrar 2017
Conflict of Interest Policy Form Provost 2018
Course Evaluation Surveys Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Course Release Policy Form Academic Affairs 2017
Course Repeats Policy Form Registrar 2019
Credit by Exam Policy   Registrar 2017
Credit Hour Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
Doctoral Preparation Assistance Policy Form Provost 2019
Dual Degree Policy   Registrar 2017
Early College Programs - Academic Amnesty Policy Form Academic Affairs 2019
Enrollment of Developmental Students Policy   Academic Affairs 2019
Employee Disk Space Quota Policy   Information Technology 2019
Faculty Promotions Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
Gender-based and Sexual Misconduct Policy   Compliance 2017
Gift Acceptance Policy   Institutional Advancement 2019
Homeowners Incentive Program Policy Form Human Resources 2019
Institutional Data Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Institutional Review Board Policy Form Institutional Effectiveness 2017
Internal Substitutions Policy Form Registrar 2017
IT Support Policy   Information Technology 2019
Library Public Use Policy   Library 2019
Multi-Year Contracts Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
New Course Creation Policy Form Academic Affairs 2019
Non-Discrimination Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Placement Testing Policy   Registrar 2017
Policy Management Policy   Institutional Effectiveness 2019
Professor Emeritus Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
Progressive Milestone Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
Remote Access Policy Policy   Information Technology 2019
Sabbatical Policy Form Academic Affairs 2017
Student Code of Conduct Policy   Compliance 2017
Student ID Cards Policy   Information Technology 2019
Syllabi Archiving Policy   Academic Affairs 2017
Technology Policy   Information Technology 2019
Technology Evaluation Policy Form Information Technology 2019
Transfer Articulation Agreements Policy   Registrar 2019
Transfer Credit Policy   Registrar 2019
Travel and Expense Policy Form Finance 2019
Tuition Remission Policy Form Human Resources 2019
Tuition Scholarship for Master’s Programs Policy   Human Resources 2019
Website Privacy Policy   Marketing and Communications 2019
Whistleblower Policy   Human Resources 2017