What is Career Networking?

Career networking uses your personal, professional, academic, acquaintance, and familial contacts to aid in your job search, achieve your career goals, or learn more about the field in which you wish to work.

Career networking helps find job opportunities, develops and improves skillsets, assists in staying apprised to the latest market trends, supports people in meeting prospective mentors, or possible partners or clients. Career networking also benefits those looking to obtain access to various resources.

Career networking tips for landing you a career you love:

  • Be professionally proactive! Make connecting a priority via virtually, messaging, telephone, or in-person.
  • Reach out to all contacts that you trust.
  • Attend networking events or professional organizations.
  • Volunteer.
  • Join professional social networks and project a professional online presence.
  • Work on your weaker connections. Take the time to build relationships and connect, take notes on those in your social system if needed.
  • Ask contacts for advice, not a job.
  • Be authentic, considerate, and specific in your compliments and requests.
  • Practice your handshake and eye contact skills.
  • Be prepared with a business card or portfolio for reference.
  • Follow through with detailed thank you notes.

At Goodwin University, we offer plenty of career networking opportunities. Learn more about our Career Services team and all the services we provide.

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