What is an Academic Accommodation?

An academic accommodation is an alteration of environment, coursework format, or equipment that ensures a student can gain access to content and complete his/her/their assigned task.

There are six different types of academic accommodations:

  1. Presentation accommodation: changing the way information is presented to a student with disabilities so that it is properly processed.
    Example: Sign language interpreters, large-print books and worksheets, audio recordings instead of written text
  2. Response accommodation: changing the way students complete tasks.
    Example: Capturing responses on an audio recorder, using a word processor or calculator, or giving the student an option to write or speak their responses
  3. Setting accommodation: changing the location, quantity of people in a room, or lighting so that a test taker can focus more on the task at hand.
    Example: Giving the student a quiet room, special lighting, or taking a test in a small group setting
  4. Timing accommodation: Adjusting time to allow a student to process information or relay their responses)
    Example: Allowing a student to take breaks or have extra time on tests to complete tasks or process directions
  5. Scheduling accommodation: Altering the organization of a task or test so that a student can successfully complete the assignment.
    Example: Working on a test over several days in timed sessions, taking sections of a test in different order, or completing a task at a specific time of day
  6. Organization skills accommodation: Using organizational tools and resources to promote positive academic achievement.
    Example: Using an alarm, highlighter, planner and study skill instructions.

At Goodwin University, in accordance with the ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, our Disability and Access Services office is dedicated to disabled students, their accommodations, and overcoming academic and social adversities in and outside of the classroom.

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