College Success® Exam

taking the College Success exam in CT

What is the College Success® Exam?

The College Success® Exam is a web-based assessment tool that evaluates reading, writing, and mathematics skills. The College Success® test is commonly used as a college placement tool because it effectively demonstrates level of preparedness for college coursework.

At Goodwin College, the College Success® test is part of the admissions process for any degree or diploma-granting program.

College Success® Exam Overview

The College Success® is an untimed multiple-choice test. It is computer adaptive, meaning that the test administers questions based on how the test-taker performs on previous questions.

At Goodwin College, students take all sections of the College Success®:

  • Elementary Algebra (12 questions)
  • Arithmetic (17 questions)
  • Reading Comprehension (30 questions)
  • Sentence Skills (20 questions)

College Success® scores are available immediately after the test is completed and are used to determine first semester courses during the admissions process.

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