GED Classes

What are GED classes?

General Educational Development (GED) classes are available to those considering taking the GED exam. The courses provide an overview of the four subjects of the exam: language arts, science, math, and social studies. Like SAT and ACT preparation courses, GED classes can prepare you for success during the exam.

Do you need to take GED classes to pass the GED exam?

In Connecticut, GED classes are not required for you to register for the GED exam. However, several GED prep programs exist in Connecticut’s major cities, including online programs. In addition, you can purchase an official practice test that you can complete online before taking the official exam.

At Goodwin University, we understand the importance of being prepared; that’s why we offer a Collegiate Prep Program. Our program is for those who are 16 years old or older to receive support and education on how to master test preparation, how to choose the right college or university, and the necessary leadership and life skills needed for the transitions to post-secondary education.

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