What is SNAP E&T?

SNAP E&T is an employment and training program that is available to qualifying SNAP recipients. It is a product of SNAP to Skills, a USDA initiative that aims to provide SNAP recipients with job-ready skills — helping to secure stable employment and a steady paycheck.

How can Connecticut’s SNAP E&T program help me?

In Connecticut, SNAP E&T allows eligible recipients to enroll in select vocational programs at a community college (or another community-based organization). The vocational programs available provide skills and training that will help participants find continuous, stable employment.

What vocational programs are available through SNAP E&T?

The programs offered by SNAP E&T vary based upon the participating college or organization. At Goodwin, we offer the following programs to eligible in-state SNAP E&T recipients:

I receive SNAP Benefits, how do I know if I’m eligible for E&T?

To learn if you’re eligible for enrollment in a SNAP E&T program, visit the official website of your state government.

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