Free Community College in Connecticut

Is community college free in CT?

Since the fall of 2020, the state of Connecticut now offers eligible Connecticut residents access to an affordable post-secondary education through the PACT program. PACT stands for “Pledge to Advance CT” and offers first-time college students who are residents of CT a tuition and fee free education at one of the state’s 12 community colleges.

Am I eligible for free community college in CT?

To be eligible, you must be a graduate of a CT high school or hold a CT GED. You must be a first-time college student — dual credit and AP courses in high school do not impact your eligibility for the PACT program.

You must submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and accept all federal, state, and institutional grant and scholarship aid before PACT funds can be applied. Students do not have to accept federal student loans to be eligible for PACT funds.

Can I complete my degree for free?

Under PACT, eligible residents can take up to three years and 72 credits of community college courses for free.

While it’s possible to complete an associate degree program under the PACT program, those wanting to earn a bachelor’s degree will likely need to transfer to another accredited institution to complete their post-secondary education.

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