Directions to Goodwin University

The Goodwin University main campus is located at:
One Riverside Drive, East Hartford, CT
GPS should be set to: 211 Riverside Drive (directions)

Classes are also held at:

195 Riverside Drive, East Hartford (directions)

403 Main Street, East Hartford (directions)

417 Main Street, East Hartford (directions)

Two King Court, East Hartford (directions)

Business and Manufacturing Center (Willgoos)
Three Pent Road, East Hartford (directions)

NOTE: Goodwin University student services and administrative offices are located at One Riverside Drive. For up-to-date information on the location of Goodwin University offices, call the University operator at 860‑528‑4111.

Magnet Schools on the Goodwin University campus

Connecticut River Academy
Nine Riverside Drive, East Hartford (directions)

Riverside Magnet School (formerly the Goodwin University Early Childhood Magnet School)
29 Willowbrook Road, East Hartford (directions)