Goodwin University’s 25th Anniversary

Goodwin University’s 25th Anniversary

Through June 2025, our community will be celebrating this important milestone under the theme “Reinventing Education.” We hope you will join us for special events, guest speakers, anniversary publications, and other ways of honoring our history, our faculty and staff, and especially our amazing Goodwin students, who are daily inspirations of determination and vision as they pursue their career goals.

Check back often as plans are added to throughout the year.

GU Students and GU president, Mark Scheinberg

Support our students. Celebrate the next generation of workforce leaders

Goodwin has achieved this milestone through the countless partners who have dreamed right along with us and shared their invaluable support. With this special celebration, Goodwin continues its commitment to reinventing education that benefits hard-working students and to building strong communities.

For other ways to be part of the celebration, please contact Jade Stoltz, Director of Development, at 860-727-6976 or .

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Govenor Ned Lamont

Governor’s Proclamation

WHEREAS, Goodwin University has dedicated its energy and resources to guiding non traditional learners along career-focused educational pathways; and
WHEREAS, Goodwin University is a leading resource for students seeking access to jobs that would help them improve their lives, provide for their families, and strengthen their communities; and
WHEREAS, leadership and administrators work in tandem with employers to design curricula that address vital needs in Connecticut’s workforce; and
WHEREAS, with this Commencement 2024 ceremony, Goodwin University launches its 25th Anniversary celebration; and
WHEREAS, we are encouraging citizens to gain a greater appreciation of the contributions of Goodwin University, its faculty, staff, and most importantly, its students who are shaping the future of Connecticut; now
THEREFORE, I, Ned Lamont, Governor of the State of Connecticut, do hereby officially proclaim May 23rd, 2024, as GOODWIN UNIVERSITY DAY in the State of Connecticut.

Moments from the 25th!