Rate My Professor

What is Rate My Professor?

Rate My Professor is a free web service that allows you to read and write reviews of professors. You can search for professors by school or by name. Using student-reported data, the website assigns professors a 1-5-star rating.

Why do students use Rate My Professor?

Rate My Professor is a popular tool used in course selection. When a course is offered by multiple professors, you can search the website to determine which professors’ instructional styles will best suit your needs. By reading student reviews, you can get a sense of each professor’s expectations and learn how other students felt about their teaching methods.

Rate My Professor is also an effective tool for helping other students. You can write reviews for your previous instructors and vote on the accuracy of other students’ ratings to give incoming students a comprehensive overview of your learning experience.

Will professors be able to read what I write?

Some professors use this website to gather student feedback and modify their teaching methods. However, your reviews are completely anonymous. When writing a review, you only need to indicate the specific course that you were enrolled in with a given professor.

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