Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) refers to a level of achievement that students must uphold in order to earn a degree at Goodwin and maintain their financial aid eligibility.

Three times per year, after final grades are posted, Goodwin University reviews each student’s record to determine their academic standing. Students are notified if they have not met SAP requirements.

SAP benchmarks

Quantitative component - Maximum Time Frame (MFT)

Maximum Time Frame (MTF) is one and one half times the normal time frame to complete a degree. For an associate degree, students may not attempt more than 90 credits. For a bachelor’s degree, students may not attempt more than 180 credits. Once MTF is reached, students are no longer eligible for financial aid. Continuation in their program of study is subject to restrictions.

How can this affect me?

Students who do not make SAP risk losing financial aid and getting dismissed from the University.

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How can I avoid getting in SAP trouble?

The best thing to do is commit to passing each course for which you register. Students should do their best to avoid getting “F’s”, “W’s” or “UG’s” on your transcript, or repeating courses. These will negatively impact making SAP.

Goodwin University upon request and with appropriate documentation, may medically withdraw a student from their courses due to serious medical conditions that prohibit the student from completing his/her courses. Medical withdrawals may affect a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What happens when placed on warning status?

The academic warning status lasts one semester. Students meet with the Academic Progress Coordinator to assess their goals, academic situation, and develop a support plan. This is known as an academic progress meeting.

All students who are placed on academic warning will have a SAP hold placed on their account. They need to meet with the Academic Progress Coordinator and review their support plan for the hold to be removed.

If a student doesn’t make SAP after being on academic warning for a semester they will no longer be eligible for financial aid. The student must file an appeal letter to try and restore their eligibility. A student who knows that they will not meet SAP benchmarks at the conclusion of the current semester should turn in an appeal letter as soon as possible to the Registrar Office. Students will be notified through their Goodwin email the deadline for submitting appeal letters. If students fail to send in an appeal, they will lose their financial aid eligibility and must set up a payment plan with the Business Office. If a payment plan is not set up, students will be removed from their classes.

Once on Probation, the student must follow an individualized plan to work toward meeting SAP standards.

Questions about SAP? Contact:

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