What is ZeeMee?

ZeeMee is a social media platform designed for students that facilitates connections through campus-specific communities, group chats, and interest-based groups, helping them integrate into their college environment. By providing a platform to share experiences, join events, and network with peers, ZeeMee enhances their sense of belonging and engagement within the campus community.

How does ZeeMee work?

Students create a profile on ZeeMee, where they can upload photos, videos, and written content that highlight their interests, extracurricular activities, and personal stories in order to connect with their peers and campus.

Why should I use ZeeMee?

Using ZeeMee as a current student offers numerous benefits, including networking opportunities, showcasing achievements, and enhancing your personal brand. It allows you to document and present your academic accomplishments, while also building connections with your fellow peers. ZeeMee helps you build a strong online presence, connect with peers and professionals, and track your personal and academic growth.

Want to feel connected to the Goodwin community? Start building your ZeeMee profile today and take the next step towards your academic and professional goals. Visit ZeeMee.com to get started and see how it can enhance your Goodwin University experience!

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