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What to Expect from Goodwin's Enrollment Process

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1. Meet Face-To-Face With An Admissions Officer

Whether you walk in or have an appointment, you will sit down with an Admissions Officer to discuss your needs, interests and program/degree completion options. You will be paired up with one Admissions Officer who will be with you each step of the way, facilitating any necessary departmental visits.

Why? At Goodwin, we believe that meeting face-to-face to discuss your educational goals is the first step to finding success at any college.

2. Taking A Peek Around Our Main Campus

Your Admissions Officer will show you around the main Goodwin campus. You will see areas including, the student lounge/cafe, library, bookstore, Academic Success Center, Career Services, and the Connecticut River right outside our window.

Why? It’s important to know what resources are readily available for you. We’re all about showing you where to go to get the support you need.

3. Assistance With The Application Process

Your personal Admissions Officer will assist you with the application process. Our Admissions Officers are prepared and willing to answer any questions you and/or your family members may have.

Why? One of our top priorities is to make sure you get the assistance you need – that’s why our Admissions Officer works with you to fill out your application.

4. Getting The Attention You Need

Personal Financial Aid Attention

At Goodwin, our Admissions Officers ensure that you get the personalized attention you need from a Financial Aid staff member. A dedicated Financial Aid staff member will sit down with you and help you complete your FAFSA. Financing your education has never been easier – you’ll learn about financial aid grants and loans to fund your education.

Why? We understand that applying for financial aid can be a daunting process. That’s why we have a Financial Aid staff member sit down with you to explain the process and get you the aid you need.

Team Up With An Academic Advisor

Your Admissions Officer will link you up with your very own Academic Advisor who will evaluate your previous college credits and/or will help you get started for the first time with your potential class selections.

Why? We want to help you in creating a schedule that works with you. We understand school isn’t your top priority so we help to balance your classes in with your life.

5. Wrapping It All Up

Congratulations you’re nearing the end of the process now. Your Admissions Officer will get you over to our IT department to get your student ID picture taken. We will let you know when your Student Orientation date will be and will help to answer any other questions that you may have.

Why? Goodwin is proud to welcome you as one of our students. Getting your ID is just a visual representation of our commitment to you and your success here.

If you have any other questions before your start at Goodwin, please contact us! We'd be glad to help you in any way that we can.

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