EDM Cutting

What is EDM Cutting?

Electrical discharge machining, or EDM, is the use of electrical discharge to cut through metal workpieces. It is often referred to as EDM cutting.

How Does EDM cutting work?

EDM cutting works by conducting a small metal wire with electrical discharges. The charged wire serves as an electrode. When pressed to metal workpieces, the electrode creates a concise cut or hole in the metal.

Why is EDM cutting important?

EDM cutting is clean, precise, and time efficient. It allows you to cut complex and delicate shapes into small pieces of metalwork. Moreover, EDM cutting is contact-free, meaning that delicate parts remain safe and untouched.

Which industries use EDM cutting?

EDM cutting is most notably used in aerospace, automobile production, electronics manufacturing, and die and mold-making. However, other industries also incorporate EDM cutting into their production processes.

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