What is a Manufacturing Inspection Supervisor?

Manufacturing inspection supervisors are responsible for overseeing and managing employees who test and inspect products. They ensure inspection personnel comply with product specifications.

Where can an inspection supervisor work?

Inspection supervisors can work in various areas of manufacturing including transportation, electronics, industrial equipment, furniture, and building materials and sporting goods. They communicate between managers and inspection personnel, interpret blueprints, examine materials and products produced, attend production meetings, and schedule and monitor employee attendance and production.

How do you become an inspection supervisor?

To become an inspection supervisor it is recommended that you complete some level of postsecondary training to gain the skills and experience employers are looking for.

Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management program is particularly helpful in the journey to becoming an inspection supervisor. With a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Management, you will gain an understanding of the supervision of manufacturing processes, management of human and mechanical resources within budgetary and schedule constraints, and assurance of lean manufacturing processes, resulting in high quality products.

Goodwin University offers manufacturing programs at bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and certificate levels.

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