What is a Manufacturing Purchasing Agent?

Purchasing agents purchase all necessary equipment, machinery, tools, parts, and supplies. They are responsible for purchasing the highest quality merchandise for the lowest possible price.

Where can a purchasing agent work?

Purchasing agents can work in a variety of settings including manufacturing or industrial plants. Their duties include preparing purchase orders, reviewing requisitions for goods, analyzing price proposals, reviewing financial reports, and negotiating or renegotiating vendor contracts.

How do you become a purchasing agent?

To become a purchasing agent it is recommended that you complete some level of postsecondary training to gain the skills employers are looking for. While some entry-level positions may be filled with an associate degree, those who plan to advance in the field typically earn a bachelor’s degree.

An associate degree in supply chain and logistics management can be particularly helpful in the journey to becoming a purchasing agent, as the curriculum typically covers the basics of supply chain management, manufacturing planning and control systems, purchasing, and the physical distribution of goods to customers. In Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management program, you will gain working knowledge and organizational skills that can be applied to all manufacturing and logistics environments.

Goodwin University offers manufacturing programs at bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and certificate levels.

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