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In‑Demand Manufacturing Degree and Certificate Programs

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In-demand careers

You deserve to have a job that you enjoy and that pays the bills.

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Flexible scheduling

Classes are offered during the days and evenings, 7 days a week. Take classes on-campus or in a hybrid format. Accelerated 7‑week classes available.

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Affordable education

You can pursue your degree regardless of your financial resources.

At Goodwin, we share your passion for innovation. That’s why our manufacturing program provides opportunities for hands-on learning with today’s most advanced technology.

Why manufacturing?

Keep your hands busy and your mind sharp with a career in manufacturing. You can excel in an industry that rarely repeats the same day twice and where the end-product is always worth the hard work. The manufacturing industry is in‑demand and constantly growing.

Kiley Russell, CNC student

Kiley Russell, CNC

“This program provided an unbelievable timeline. Nowhere else could I earn a certificate in only 6 months and come out with a career.”

Our manufacturing degrees and certificate programs

Choose from one of our numerous manufacturing programs that lead to secure employment. You could pursue a certificate degree program, an associate degree program, or a bachelor’s degree program. Fortify one of the world’s most necessary industries with your skills today.

Financing your manufacturing education

There are many kinds of financial aid available to students, including grants and scholarships that don’t have to be paid back, student loans that will have to be repaid, and work-study opportunities that provide a regular paycheck.

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A rewarding career

You need an education that will lead to a great career. We’ll help prepare you for ongoing success and connect you with a job you love in the field of manufacturing. Students in our manufacturing programs can earn nationally recognized, portable credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council; CPT, CPT-Green, and CLT.

Whether you’re just starting out in manufacturing or already working in the field, we have a program that meets your needs.

Training opportunities for individuals without a high school diploma or GED.

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Start classes September 9!