What is a Receiving Inspector?

Receiving inspectors are employees that inspect incoming and outgoing items for quality and accuracy.

Where do receiving inspectors work?

Receiving inspectors work in warehouse and inventory environments. They work for shipping companies or businesses that process product orders and send out shipments. Receiving inspectors may travel from time to time, as they are responsible for delivering shipments or restocking inventory supplies.

What do receiving inspectors do?

Receiving inspectors complete purchase orders when new stock is received and also monitor deliveries — opening boxes, viewing all items, and counting products upon receiving them. Receiving inspectors also scan items received into inventory and track (as well as refuse) all inaccurate orders delivered. Receiving inspectors write inventory reports for all incoming and outgoing shipments, and they also inspect outgoing shipments for proper packaging, as well as address and product accuracy.

If I apply for a receiving inspector position, what skills do employers want to see on my resume?

When applying for receiving inspector positions, skills like effective communication, experience with data entry, attention to detail, an aptitude for math, and physical stamina are strong attributes to possess.

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