What Does a Production Control Analyst Do?

Production control analysts monitor production processes and computer programs to test reliability and accuracy of overall production.

Production control analysts work alongside a variety of different departments like procurement and engineering. Production control analysts create and maintain the manufacturing schedule to ensure production efficiency. They also monitor safety alerts and security policies to maintain data confidentiality. Individuals in this role streamline new production processes to reduce outages, improve runtime, and implement enhancements to expedite the overall flow of materials. Production control analysts report and compile records with regard to production quality, cost, materials received, and shipped materials. They log production rates — documenting technical and operational procedures, as well as evaluate production performance.

What skills must a production control analyst possess?

Production control analysts must be masters of multi-tasking. They must pay keen attention to detail and have clear communication skills. In this particular role, experience with Excel, an aptitude for math, and familiarity with manufacturing programs are a plus.

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