Mechanic Schools

A mechanic school is a career-focused institution that educates students on all things automotive, including the inspection, repair, and maintenance of vehicles. Mechanic schools can be found in trade high schools, the military, or small colleges and universities. They offer the techniques, technology, and training to prepare students for a future in the automotive field.

What do you study in a mechanic school?

Standard courses in mechanic schools cover topics like diesel service techniques, diagnostic software, electrical fundamentals, emissions systems, transmission diagnostics, and alternative-fueled and hybrid vehicles. Other areas of study may incorporate business management, customer service, and billing. Some mechanic schools may offer specializations in specific areas of automotive repairs, such as motorcycle, commercial/recreational vehicles, or farm equipment.

What can you accomplish after attending a mechanic school?

Depending on the particular mechanic program and the state in which you reside, students can earn their mechanic certification, associate degree, and may even complete their mandatory apprenticeship for licensing.

  • Certification and diploma programs can typically take six months to a year and provide pupils general automotive know-how for service technician tasks.
  • Associate degree programs may take up to two years to complete, but coursework goes more in-depth and further prepares mechanic students for the workforce.
  • A set number of apprenticeship hours are generally required before students can work independently in the field. Mechanic schools may assist students in finding an appropriate apprenticeship program that provides them with hands-on training to hone their skills and blend their education with real-world experience.

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