Milling Schools

What is milling?

Milling is a manufacturing process that uses a rotating blade to cut and break down large workpieces.

How is milling used in production?

Milling is used to manufacture food and other products. In food production, milling is the process of dehulling and pulverizing grains such as corn, oats, and wheat. This is used to transform grist into flour or powder that can be easily used and consumed.

In manufacturing, milling is used to produce a wide range of products and materials. Today’s milling processes use CNC machining to cut, drill, shape, and customize materials. Thanks to its accuracy, speed, and convenience, milling plays a key role in modern production.

What materials can be milled?

CNC milling can be used to modify metal alloys, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. However, the milling process is not exclusive to metalwork — it also plays a key role in manufacturing products made from hard plastics, nylon, and other common materials.

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