What is a Manufacturing Maintenance Supervisor?

Maintenance supervisors oversee the maintenance and repair work of buildings and grounds. They are typically in charge of maintenance staff employees, including hiring, training, and scheduling.

Where can a maintenance supervisor work?

Maintenance supervisors can work in settings such as manufacturing or industrial plants, office buildings, schools, or healthcare facilities. They may be responsible for developing and implementing maintenance procedures, installation and repair of electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and other building systems.

How do you become a maintenance supervisor?

To become a maintenance supervisor it is recommended that you complete some level of postsecondary training to gain the skills employers are looking for. Generally, in order to become a maintenance supervisor, you will start out as a general maintenance worker or maintenance technician, and climb the professional ladder to maintenance supervisor through experience and training.

Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management degree is particularly helpful in the journey to becoming a maintenance supervisor, as the curriculum covers operations management, industrial safety, quality management, and team dynamics. Through Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management program, you will acquire the skills needed to advance and succeed in manufacturing.

Goodwin University offers manufacturing programs at bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and certificate levels.

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