Mach3 CNC Control Software

What is Mach3 CNC control software?

Mach3 CNC control software is a platform that turns most windows PCs into a CNC machine controller that manages the motions of motors and generators.

Through an importing process called LazyCam, Mach3 CNC control software processes a CNC programming language called geometric code (G-code) that tells the CNC machine what type of action to perform.

The third version of the software, the Mach3 is reviewed as the most user-friendly and reliable — from DIY projects to industrial machining.

The field of mechatronics aims to produce a design solution to make more intelligent and streamlined system processes for difficult or time-consuming tasks.

What are some features of the Mach3 CNC control software?

  • Allows Drawing eXchange Format (DXF) files to import directly into PC
  • Bitmap image (BMP) and JPEG, a format for compressing image files, can quickly transfer into code
  • Can control spindle speed for more accurate cuts
  • Full video display and touch screen capabilities
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Option to extend the abilities of Mach3 through “wizards” or mini-programs, allowing users to perform functions without a pre-written G-code file
  • Remotely turn equipment on and off by controlling multiple relays at a time
  • Users can write miscellaneous instructions with M-codes and Macros through Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition, or VBScript, and
  • With a 6-axis input-output operation — there is no need for a high-priced controller panel

What machines can Mach3 control?

The Mach3 controls:

  • Gear cutters
  • Lasers
  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Plasmas, and
  • Routers

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