What is a Facilities Supervisor?

Facilities supervisors oversee buildings and operations. Typically they are in charge of management, maintenance, and security/safety.

Where can a facilities supervisor work?

Facilities supervisors can work in settings such as manufacturing or industrial plants, office buildings, schools, or healthcare facilities. They may be responsible for approving facility use requests, inspecting buildings, maintaining facility records and ensuring compliance standards, and supervising the use of facility supplies and equipment.

How do you become a facilities supervisor?

While an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing is a great choice for those looking to get their nursing career started, an MSN degree can position you for even more advanced career opportunities with higher earning potential, in specialized areas or in leadership roles.

Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management program is particularly helpful in the journey to becoming a facilities supervisor, as the curriculum covers operations management, manufacturing supervision, manufacturing logistics, industrial safety, quality management, and team dynamics. Through Goodwin’s Manufacturing Management program, you will acquire the skills needed to advance and succeed in manufacturing.

Goodwin University offers manufacturing programs at bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and certificate levels.

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