Welding Bootcamps

connecticut accelerated welding program

What is a welding bootcamp?

A welding bootcamp or a collegiate certificate degree program is an intensive short-term introduction to the welding profession. The duration may vary, but the goal is to provide students with a comprehensive dive into welding. Goodwin’s certificate in Welding Technology is a form of bootcamp.

How short is a welding bootcamp?

Goodwin’s Welding Technology program can be completed full- or part-time in as few as eight months. A bootcamp or certification program can prepare a professional to start working within a year.

What can you do after a welding bootcamp?

Once the program is completed students are prepared to pursue certification or entry-level employment. They graduate from the program ready to become a welder or cutter in the manufacturing industry. Goodwin puts focus on hands-on learning with CNC plasma tables, welding machines, and precise pipe alignment on our innovative Bluco table.

If you’re interested in a career that combines creativity and construction, check out our Welding certificate program!

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