Calibration Technicians

Calibration technicians are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of instruments and equipment to ensure they are calibrated correctly and provide accurate measurements.

Where can a calibration technician work?

Calibration technicians can work in settings such as engineering or manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities. They may be responsible for developing calibration testing procedures, measuring and recording data, and ordering new equipment or replacement parts.

How do you become a calibration technician?

To become a calibration technician it is recommended that you complete some level of postsecondary training to gain the skills employers are looking for. Generally, educational requirements will vary among companies, some will only require a high school diploma while others may require an associate degree.

Goodwin’s Quality Management program is particularly helpful in the journey to becoming a calibration technician, as the curriculum covers manufacturing principles, quality inspection techniques, calibration, and measurement and testing. Through Goodwin’s Quality Management program, you will acquire the skills needed to advance and succeed in manufacturing.

Goodwin University offers manufacturing programs at bachelor’s, associate, and certificate degree levels.

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