What is EV3?

EV3 is a programmable robotics kit that is based on Lego building blocks. It is the third-generation edition of Lego Mindstorms. The EV3 includes computerized bricks, modular centers, motors, and other parts that can be used to create mechanical systems. As the third generation of its kind, EV3 also sports updated features, including sensors that respond to touch, ultrasonic waves, color, and infrared heat.

How is EV3 used?

Although there is a home version of the EV3, it is typically an educational tool that is used in classroom settings. It is often used in robotics, STEM, and computer-coding programs.

What are the advantages of EV3?

The EV3 is a fantastic resource for teaching beginners basic robotics skills. It provides creative, hands-on practice. For those who already have robotics experience, the kit is a fun tool for expressing creativity and fine-tuning programming skills.

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