Storage and Distribution Manager

What does a storage and distribution manager do?

Storage and distribution managers, sometimes called a logistics managers, ensure that there organization’s stock is maintained and moves efficiently. They are responsible for safely organizing, efficiently storing, and diligently distributing goods to make sure orders are fulfilled attentively and accurately.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a storage and distribution manager?

Storage and distribution managers select, supervise, and train employees engaged in receiving, storing, testing, and shipping products. They calculate, create, and coordinate safety and security programs, and review invoices and reports for peak delivery periods. Storage and distribution managers prepare and manage departmental budgets, and negotiate contracts with freight carriers, warehouse operators, and insurance companies for preferred rates. People working in this role will communicate and coordinate with co-workers, customs agents, as well as their company’s department heads. Storage and distribution managers develop and documents routine and emergency operating procedures, and examines products and materials to estimate shipping or storage container costs. Storage and distribution managers are responsible for scheduling the delivery and distribution of products as well as the overall inspection of equipment and warehouses.

What skills are desirable to be a storage and distribution manager?

Storage and distribution managers are mentally flexible and able to adjust on the fly. They are innovative, efficient, and detail-oriented. A storage and distribution manager is most successful when they are organized, has an aptitude for math, negotiation, and time-management skills, and are personable, logical, and data-driven.

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