Public Service Tuition Scholarship Program

What is a public service tuition scholarship program?

Public service tuition scholarship programs fall under several financial aid identifiers. Public service scholarships can be offered from a special interest organization or the institutions you are applying to as an institutional scholarship. The qualifications for the tuition scholarship will depend on who offers the program, but the commonality is being a student who is enrolled in a public service undergraduate or graduate program.

What are public service college programs?

Public service programs support the public through education, safety, community-based services, and supplies. You can have a public service career as a law enforcement agent, social worker, educator, government agent, or community leader. Goodwin University offers Public Health, Education, and several other programs that can prepare you for assisting your community.

How do you apply to a public service tuition scholarship program?

Before applying for financial aid, you must apply for your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Once you have your FAFSA ID number, you can create a student aid account and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Check and follow all instructions, deadlines, and eligibility qualifications when you apply online or in-person.

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