Cost of Attendance

What is cost of attendance?

Cost of attendance (COA) is the average cost of an academic year for full-time college and university students.

What is included in COA?

To calculate COA, colleges and universities factor in tuition, program fees, and other enrollment-related expenses for a given academic year.

Why is COA important?

Colleges and universities are legally required to provide an estimated COA. By making this calculation, higher learning institutions:

  • Determine a student’s eligibility for aid
  • Provide all students with an accurate estimate of yearly costs and fees

Other than COA, what factors determine my financial aid package?

Some of the factors that will determine your individual financial aid package include:

  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is determined when you submit your FAFSA
  • Year in school
  • Enrollment status
  • Amount of financial need

For which types of financial aid can COA help determine my eligibility?

COA can help determine your eligibility for:

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