Merit-Based Scholarships

What is a merit-based scholarship?

Merit-based scholarships are financial scholarships awarded to stand out students for their talents and educational excellence. Merit-based scholarships provide aid for students with academic, artistic, or athletic accomplishments. Other special interests, such as community service and leadership roles, are also awarded through merit-based scholarships.

Where can I find merit-based scholarships?

High school students can inquire on merit-based scholarships with their guidance counselors or speak to the specific institution’s financial aid office to which they are looking to apply. Also, most college and university websites have scholarship sections where applicants can view merit-based scholarship opportunities.

What groups offer merit-based scholarships?

Merit-based scholarships are awarded by businesses, clubs, charitable foundations, local community groups, non-profit organizations, and more!

What are some tips for applying for merit-based scholarships?

  • Apply to schools where your grades stand out to increase your chances.
  • Merit-based scholarships are typically extremely competitive. Pay attention to the scholarship requirements and do not apply if you are not an accurate match for the specific application guidelines.
    • Popular prerequisites for merit-based scholarships include GPA requirements, filling out an annual form by a particular deadline, or enrolling and passing specific courses each year.
  • Check to see if the merit-based scholarship is renewable — this could enhance your educational aid for up to all four years of your undergraduate degree!

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