Student Aid Report (SAR)

What is a Student Aid Report (SAR)?

A Student Aid Report (SAR) is a document that summarizes all of a student's responses to the FAFSA application, including their Expected Family Contribution, an estimate of how much federal aid they are eligible for, and what type of grants they may receive. The SAR is not the same thing as a financial aid packet – it is an unofficial estimate only.

What do I do with my SAR?

Students should review their SAR for any inaccuracies, and make sure they correct any mistakes as soon as possible.

How do universities use Student Aid Reports?

When you fill out your FAFSA form, you must input what schools you are considering attending. Once you have finished the form, your SAR will be sent to all universities on that list. They will then take the SAR and use it to calculate your financial aid package, using your information and Expected Family Contribution to determine how much aid you are eligible for.

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