Award Letter

What is an award letter?

If you applied to a college or university and have been accepted, you will be sent an award letter detailing both the total amount and types of financial aid you’d be eligible to receive should you choose to enroll. By reviewing award letters, you can determine which school is offering the financial aid package that works best for you. An award letter is also called a school aid offer.

What factors help determine my school aid offer?

When determining the financial aid package that you’re eligible for, most colleges and universities consider the following:

If I receive similar school aid offers, how do I determine which option is best for me?

Everybody’s personal, financial, and educational needs are different. Consequently, there’s no perfect formula for picking the best school. But when it comes to determining which school will save you the most money, we recommend doing the following:

  • Bust out the calculator or spreadsheet. Determine how much it would cost to complete your chosen program of studies at each school.
  • Carefully review your offer. Make sure that nothing important is missing, such as program-related materials or fees.
  • Identify the type(s) of financial aid being offered. While scholarships and grants won’t require repayment, student loans will. Consequently, loans may become an ongoing expense after you graduate.

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