Associate in Supply Chain & Logistics Management Program

Supply & Logistics Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Supply Chain & Logistics Program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Earn nationally recognized, portable credentials from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) manufacturing areas (CPT, CLT).
  2. Contribute to supply chain and logistics system technology, with an understanding of materials management, procurement and lean Six Sigma tools to reduce costs.
  3. Control the flow of material with appropriate process documentation in the most efficient manner, while employing lean principles, operational flow strategies (JIT), value stream mapping, inventory control, and scheduling materials requirements planning (MRP).
  4. Coordinate and communicate key metrics and strategies, with various stakeholders inside and outside the organization.
  5. Manage materials for operations, supply chains, warehouse and distribution networks.
  6. Forecast materials and manage inventory requirements.
  7. Utilize transportation and logistics strategies to manage domestic and international distribution networks.
  8. Perform warehousing activities effectively with linkage to logistics, supply chain strategies and processes.
  9. Develop skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic, evolving profession, utilizing a scholarly approach to acquire new knowledge.