Associate Degree in Funeral Service

Achieve a stable career honoring human life

Since the earliest days of humankind, funeral rites have played an important role in the grieving process. Funeral Service professionals provide invaluable support to their communities — helping loved ones navigate difficult times by laying the deceased to rest with respect and dignity. When you earn your associate degree in Funeral Service, you develop the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to become a sought-after professional in this stable field.

A comprehensive program geared toward professional success

Goodwin University’s Funeral Service program will train you to become a well-rounded industry professional. Our comprehensive program of studies prepares you to address a range of funeral service processes, from the initial pronouncement of death to the final disposition of the deceased.

Fast-track your career with a flexible program of studies

At Goodwin University, we value your time and energy — that’s why our programs of study are designed to jumpstart your journey to professional success. Our 65‑credit Funeral Service program can be completed in as few as 24 months full-time, with classes available one day per week. Your coursework will be comprised of on‑campus lectures, laboratory training, and an internship in the field. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility to join an online or on‑campus cohort — core classes can be taken online via the FNS Distance Education cohort.

Gain real-world experience

When preparing to enter the field, hands-on training is just as important as your time in the classroom. As a Funeral Service student, you will have internship opportunities at funeral homes across the state. Through your internship experience, you will build career-ready skills such as embalming, restorative art, and business management. During your internship, you’ll be required to participate in 10 embalming operations and complete 30 hours of classwork related to business management.

Learning from experienced Funeral Service professionals

Our Funeral Service faculty is comprised of experts with decades’ worth of Funeral Service Experience. As professionals who are actively working in the field, our faculty hold memberships with the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).

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The Funeral Service associate degree program at Goodwin University is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE), 992 Mantua Pike, Suite 108, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097, (816) 233-3747. Web:

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