Certificate in Violence Intervention and Advocacy

violence intervention certificate in connecticut

An evidence-based approach to addressing the effects of trauma

Fight, flight, or freeze — if you’ve ever faced extreme stress, one of these reactions was likely your response. For some, fear responses pass quickly. For others, this heightened state can become toxic stress, leading to an ongoing struggle that often prevents healing. At Goodwin, our Violence Intervention and Advocacy program takes an evidence-based approach to addressing trauma and its effects on individuals, families, and communities.

Develop essential de-escalation strategies

Our 18‑credit Violence Intervention and Advocacy certificate program prepares you with the skillset needed to de-escalate violent and threatening behaviors. With the guidance of our expert faculty, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of trauma and its ongoing effects — all while developing the cultural competence necessary to address diverse individuals facing various crises. You’ll develop essential strategies for de-escalating these situations wherever and whenever they occur.

Become a sought-after professional with a diverse set of skills

Although you can pursue this certificate without earning a degree, our Violence Intervention and Advocacy curriculum is easy to pair with an associate degree in Human Services. Human Services students can earn this certificate by completing the program requirements as electives. Combining this degree with a Violence Intervention and Advocacy certificate opens doors to rewarding opportunities in settings ranging from schools and hospitals to community centers and shelters. You will have the immense potential to make a positive impact — the effects of which will reach beyond measure.

Complete an internship to gain job-ready experience

Thanks to our countless relationships with human services organizations throughout the state, you’ll have the advantage of gaining hands-on experience in the field. We allow for a range of internship opportunities in various professional settings — some of which could even lead to employment!

Rewarding career opportunities

A certificate in Violence Intervention and Advocacy leads to flexible and fulfilling career opportunities, including:

  • Advocate
  • Behavior specialist/interventionist
  • Group facilitator
  • Violence prevention coordinator
  • Violence prevention educator
  • Youth development professional
  • And more!


All courses are required. Each must be completed with a minimum grade of “C”.

First semester

HSR 105 Community Organizations and Advocacy 3
HSR 222 Foundations of Helping and Service Delivery 3

Second semester

HSR 297 Human Services Internship I 3
HSR 325 Case Management: Principles and Practice 3

Third Semester

HSR 350 Crisis Prevention and Intervention 3
HSR 410 Human Trafficking 3

Total credits: 


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