Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) Certificate

substance abuse counselor certificate program in ct

Are you interested in helping people struggling with addiction? Goodwin University offers training to get you on the path to becoming a certified addiction counselor. Our comprehensive 18-credit program includes online coursework and in-person fieldwork experience — preparing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn your state CAC certification through the Connecticut Certification Board (CCB).

Prepare for a career helping others by becoming a certified addiction counselor

The need for compassionate professionals dedicated to helping those struggling with addictive behaviors is growing. Certified addiction counselors work with individuals, couples, families, and others affected by addiction — providing critical coping skills, education, and support. By earning this certificate, you’ll develop the skills and hands-on experience needed to address the unique effects of addiction disorders, which can impact all aspects of a person’s life.

Graduates of Goodwin’s Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) certificate program go on to work in residential treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, private medical practices, community health centers, governmental agencies, hospitals, human service clinics, and more!

Help others in your community

As a certified addiction counselor, you’ll work collaboratively with a team of medical professionals and mental health providers to help people in your community who are suffering from substance abuse problems and other addictive behaviors. You’ll develop the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate individual and group support services, intervene during a crisis, and provide critical community outreach and education. As a certified addiction counselor, you will use your voice to influence policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels, advocating for professionals in the field and those receiving treatment.

Learn from experts in the field

As a student in our CAC program, you’ll be taught by an expert faculty of clinical mental health counselors, addictions professionals, social workers, and psychologists. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the causes and treatment of substance abuse disorders and how these disorders affect our communities. You'll learn the necessary skills to work with individuals and families to counsel, educate, and support those affected by addiction. You will help clients develop new coping strategies that can create lifelong positive change. At Goodwin, you can gain the skills you’ll need to become the support professional your community needs.

Become a sought-after addiction counselor

At Goodwin, our CAC program is a pathway to earning your CAC certification through the Connecticut Certification Board (CCB). Beyond the 300 hours of fieldwork required to complete your studies, non-degree holding students must complete 6,000 hours of substance abuse counseling work experience.

Note that fewer hours are required if you hold a college degree.

  • Associate degree holders can earn CAC certification after completing 5,000 hours of substance abuse counseling work experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree holders can earn CAC certification after completing 4,000 hours of substance abuse counseling work experience.
  • Master’s degree holders can earn CAC certification after completing 3,000 hours of substance abuse counseling work experience.

We do things differently

Career-focused programs

Our degree programs are designed with your career in mind. Our Certified Addiction Counselor certificate program can be completed in as few as three semesters full-time — helping you get on the path to earning your state CAC certification.

Flexible scheduling

At Goodwin, we believe that taking care of your personal responsibilities is just as important as reaching your career goals. Our CAC certificate program is designed for working professionals. Thanks to our flexible curriculum, your coursework can be completed online. The only exception is your fieldwork experience, which must be completed on-site. As you immerse yourself in hands-on learning, you’ll have the benefit of choosing your own fieldwork site — allowing you to tailor your internship experience around your specific professional goals.


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Support services

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