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The CLT program is comprised of two modules:
Module 1: Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)
Module 2: Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)
BMM 125 - Manufacturing Logistics, 3 credits

These modules are delivered in a 15-week hybrid learning format.

Introductory logistics classes familiarize students with the basic concepts of product distribution and the terminology used in the logistics field. Students learn the process of planning effective product distribution and discuss methods of transportation and traffic management techniques. Other topics covered in introductory logistics classes may include inventory control, protective packaging and customer service. This course will use lecture, group work, online simulation and programming.

Students who successfully complete the 2 modules will earn their CLT credentials from MSSC. Earning the CLT credential allows the award of 3 college credits to be applied to an associate degree in Business Administration, Quality Management Systems, and Supply Chain and Logistics Management, or a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Management.

Students must pass the CLA (Certified Logistics Associate) exam in order to take the CLT (Certified Logistics Technician) exam.

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Chip Thermer
Program Administrator, Certified Logistics Technician